When bluSPARC ignites leaders, the enterprise thrives.

bluSPARC™ is a premium learning & development solution with executive coaching at its core.
The problem

Traditional leadership development fails to address the primary drivers of engagement and retention.

Based on the science of leadership, bluSPARC™ fuels a sustainable leadership culture.

This evidence-based approach to leadership development fuels succession pipelines and creates a dynamic culture of leadership that starts at the top.

Leaders thrive with a development system that is integrated and measurable with clear ROI.

Through psychometric assessments, one-to-one coaching, and cohort learning, executives build leadership competencies that are immediately applicable in the flow of their work.
of managers reported improved performance of their
leaders, following the bluSPARC™ experience.
Learning to lead is a continuous process.

It’s created, practiced, and always evolving.

Backed by Science
Our 20 evidence-based leadership competencies are rooted in the science of leadership.
Digital Platform
With a robust digital platform, bluSPARC™ makes the development journey accessible and relevant.
Applied Learning
The bluSPARC™ model promotes feedback and applied learning during the flow of work.
Enterprise Focus
Developed to support leaders at all levels, and across the enterprise, to strengthen interdependencies and collaboration.

Clients already fueling leadership growth through bluSPARC™

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What clients say about bluSPARC™

“Materially changes how we lead. bluSPARC™ is an integral component of our strategic plan to assure our future leadership success.”
— Harvey Kanter, President & CEO, DXL
“While their competitors focus on singular L&D solutions, bluSPARC™ is a learning experience that measures leadership and culture change, with a keen eye on retention. We saw the impact immediately.”
— Andy Chalofsky, Founder and CEO Simple Tire
“bluSPARC™ created a fully integrated learning and delivery system not yet achieved in-house. They also measure behavioral results. Simply stated, their process is brilliant.”
— Kim Thomas, Chief People Officer, Snipes
“Highly recommend bluSPARC™ as terrific corporate partners.”
— Sarah Alter, CEO, NextUp (formerly NEW)
Revolutionize your approach to leadership development.

Fuel your leadership pipeline and build a culture of leadership.

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