bluSPARC™ is a unique learning platform that offers an integrated solution with coaching at its core.

Leadership and succession planning are critical to every organization’s long-term success. Rather than looking externally for your next great leaders, bluSPARC™ focuses on the retention and development of your existing talent.

Unlock the power of leadership within your organization by developing leaders who will create and innovate for today and tomorrow.

Personalized, outcome-driven executive development with coaches who understand leadership in business — your business.

High-potential leaders have greater retention rates when exposed to leadership development — and, without these programs, even the highest-performing external hires are more likely to leave.

Source: Ben A. Rissing and Alan Benson, Organizational Science, “Strength from Within: Internal Mobility and the Retention of High Performers,” October 2020.

When coaching ignites leaders, the enterprise thrives.

Define your cultural values and identify program goals through a proven needs assessment and leadership review process.
Recommendations are informed by data, enterprise-focused, and leader-specific needs and goals.
Platform Onboarding
Ensure alignment and buy-in across the organization, setting leaders up for a successful journey through this immersive experience.
Initiate coaching, cohort learning, and one-on-one coaching, with an eye on evolving critical competencies.
Engagement Reports
Track leaders’ progress and organizational ROI. Quarterly benchmarking and detailed reporting highlight growth and areas for continued improvement.
“While their competitors focus on singular L&D solutions, bluSPARC™ is a learning experience that measures leadership and culture change, with a keen eye on retention. We saw the impact immediately.”
— Andy Chalofsky, Founder and CEO Simple Tire

Transform your approach to leadership development.

Build your leadership pipeline and create a culture of leadership.