We’re passionate about leadership development.

After spending decades coaching executives, recruiting C-suite leaders, and guiding global organizations through in-depth succession planning, we recognized the need for sustainable leadership pipelines — and we know what it takes to develop one.

The bluSPARC™ story

Founded by Dr. Kim Villeneuve and Dr. Andrew Rahaman in 2019, bluSPARC™ combines leadership development with coaching at its core, delivered on a digital platform. Through one-on-one coaching, cohort learning, and psychometric assessments, executives and entrepreneurs build leadership competencies, becoming high-performing leaders who can drive cultural change.
It’s a holistic approach to leadership development and succession planning that promotes continuous improvement and evolution as a cultural imperative. This empowers companies with a critical competitive advantage and helps them retain and develop the life-blood of their business: leaders.

Meet our co-founders

Dr. Kim VilleneuveCo-Founder
Dr. Kim Villeneuve
Co-Founder bluSPARC
Entrepreneur with formidable executive search experience placing executives in venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Expert in leadership, adult learning and organizational diagnostics. Adjunct faculty at American University, with a Doctorate in Education from The George Washington University.
Dr. Andrew RahamanCo-Founder
Dr. Andrew Rahaman
Co-Founder bluSPARC
Expert coach, learning and development scholar and American University Professor in the Key Leadership Program for Senior Managers. Former Adjunct Faculty at Center for Creative Leadership with a Doctorate in Education from The George Washington University.

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