bluSPARC Elite


A unique, curated leadership development program, exclusively designed for experienced C-suite leaders and the senior most functional officers within organizations.

Develop. Advance. Thrive.

The bluSPARC-Elite program is built on three differentiating pillars:

The Power of Working in Diverse Cohorts

Executive Assessments & 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Board Readiness & Preparation

Unmatched expertise in transforming leaders

Unmatched expertise in transforming leaders.

Informed by decades of experience in evaluating C-suite leaders, executive coaching, and guiding organizations through succession, bluSPARC-Elite offers a comprehensive, personalized executive development experience, with coaches who provide practical insights for navigating leadership complexities.

How it works

The Experience

Exclusively designed for top-level executives occupying the highest functional positions within their organizations, who are driven to enhance their leadership capabilities, advance their careers, and prepare for future Board experiences.

Curated Cohorts

Cohorts of 9-12 executives representing a wide range of perspectives, lived experience, professional backgrounds, industries, and functional expertise. We prioritize fostering a shared experience among executives who lead similar-sized organizations and navigate comparable complexities in their roles.

Senior Executive Assessments

Each executive undergoes confidential assessments, providing valuable insights into their development areas. These assessments are followed by comprehensive debrief sessions conducted by our team of psychologists and executive coaches.

Individualized Coaching

Participants select a dedicated bluSPARC-Elite coach who provides 1:1 coaching throughout the program. Our coaches offer tailored support to accelerate personal and professional development.

In-Person Program Launch

Your cohort journey commences with an in-person reception and opportunity to meet fellow participants, coaches, and bluSPARC-Elite facilitators, followed by launching the first meeting with the Chair.

Monthly Virtual Format

Crafted to deliver focused and impactful learning experiences. Each forum results in deep discussions, knowledge sharing, and practical insights from a dedicated Chair and augmented by industry experts.
“bluSPARC-Elite was invaluable during a critical time in my career. As I stepped into a C-suite role, the assessment and coaching process provided the tools and guidance I needed to navigate the challenges of onboarding and forging new alliances. It played a pivotal role in my successful transition, empowering me to lead with resilience and make a positive impact.”
— Executive Managing Director, Global Retail Organization
“bluSPARC-Elite played a transformative role in my career by elevating my executive presence and positioning me to compete for sought after board roles. This enabled me to make a significant impact in multiple organizations while advancing my contribution in my own company.”
— Chief Digital Officer, Global Wholesale Organization
“During a recent leadership transition bluSPARC-Elite’s assessment and coaching process provided the tools and insights I needed to confidently navigate the shakeup, earn the trust of the new CEO and make a meaningful impact in my role.”
— EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Retail and Wholesale Manufacturing


2024 nominations and applications are currently being reviewed.

For more information including investment, specific timing, and how to get started, please contact us. We’d love to talk.
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