Four Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips On Holding Yourself Accountable For Your Yearly Goals


bluSPARC™ Co-Founder Dr. Kim Villeneuve shared about the importance of goal setting and measuring results with Forbes:

“The most important thing Dr. Kim Villeneuve has learned from her clients is that if you can’t measure it, it’s not worth doing. Although that might sound rigid, it keeps her team focused on goal achievement. She believes it means the difference between simply treading water and making it across the finish line.”

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Dr. Kim Villeneuve is the co-founder of bluSPARC™ a learning and development company with coaching at its core. Drawing on extensive experience in executive search, coaching for succession, Kim specializes in working with entrepreneurs, business executives, and those enhancing their capacity for complex leadership. Kim holds a doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University. Kim can be contacted at

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