The bluSPARC™ platform.

It’s a transformational approach, where coaching and learning are delivered on a digital platform.

The leader’s journey starts here.


Select a leadership coach

Match with three best-fit coaches, then schedule an intro session to kick-start the bluSPARC™ journey.


Complete our comprehensive assessment

Debrief assessment results and use insights to inform coaching goals.


Schedule one-to-one sessions

Engage in biweekly video coaching sessions, directly in the bluSPARC™ platform.


Learn in a Cohort Environment

Meet in cohorts to learn together and spark developments by sharing organizational perspectives.


Get on-demand support in the flow of your work

Chat live or schedule in-the-moment coaching anytime, anywhere.
bluSPARC™ Flagship Program

Our systems approach is designed for sustained growth and development, ensuring your organization has a robust leadership bench. To achieve this, we integrate assessments, 1:1 coaching, and cohort learning focused on key competencies needed to drive your business today and tomorrow.

Transform your approach to leadership development.

Build your leadership pipeline and create a culture of leadership.