The Rise of the Revenue-generating CIO


The role of the CIO has evolved beyond being a functional expert. Now, more than ever, these leaders are key contributors to an organization’s bottom-line.

bluSPARC™ Co-Founder Dr. Kim Villeneuve offered her expertise to CIO Online:

“‘It’s understanding where to stop and listen to what the business opportunities are,’ Villeneuve says, adding that CIOs who do this well are empathetic, collaborative, nimble, and resilient — and they have practices and processes that support innovation.”

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Dr. Kim Villeneuve is the co-founder of bluSPARC™ a learning and development company with coaching at its core. Drawing on extensive experience in executive search, coaching for succession, Kim specializes in working with entrepreneurs, business executives, and those enhancing their capacity for complex leadership. Kim holds a doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University. Kim can be contacted at

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