Decoding How Executives Learn – A Development and Retention Strategy


When: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Featuring: Chris Schmidt, former Chairman and CEO of Moss Adams, and Dr. Kim Villeneuve, bluSPARC Co-Founder and Elite Executive Coach


A robust team of key executives is the bedrock of every organization. These MVP leaders bring invaluable knowledge and organizational wisdom, making their retention a top priority. Moreover, the expense and time associated with recruiting and onboarding replacements underscores the importance of investing in current leaders in ways that resonate. By decoding executive development and creating avenues for learning and growth, you not only scale your business, but also demonstrate your commitment to advancement, which fosters loyalty and retention.

Understanding how executives acquire, assimilate, and apply knowledge is an unlock for every organization that aspires to maximize the performance and succession capability of their leaders.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Chris Schmidt, former Chairman and CEO of Moss Adams, who discusses his approach to organizational and executive learning. Gain valuable insights into recognizing learning disconnects and overcoming roadblocks to transform intelligence and insights into actionable strategies for developing senior teams.

Dr. Kim Villeneuve, bluSPARC Co-Founder and Elite Executive Coach, will help us understand the theory underlying executive learning and discuss how high performing executives are able to continually leverage their organization’s resources, teams and knowledge to lead for success. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these thought leaders during this enriching session!

During this webinar you will:

  • Discover firsthand from an ex-CEO how he tapped into and utilized his company’s institutional knowledge to achieve peak performance and foster engagement.
  • Decode the learning mindset of C-Level Executives for Informed Development Planning
  • Grasp the learning priorities and mindset of C-suite leaders, providing you with valuable insights to shape your own development strategies.
  • Extract Essential Performance Insights for Your Organization’s Most Valuable Leaders

Meet the Speakers

Chris Schmidt served as Chairman and CEO of Moss Adams from 2013-2022. Founded in Seattle in 1913, Moss Adams is one of the largest accounting, consulting, and wealth management firms in the nation. Under Chris’ leadership, the firm grew from 1,800 personnel to over 3,400—and the firm’s revenue more than doubled. He joined the firm in 1986 as an assurance professional, went on to become managing partner of the firm’s Orange County, California location, and then president and COO of Moss Adams in 2004.

Dr. Kim Villeneuve has built high-performing boards, executive teams, and leadership teams for companies ranging from new ventures to Fortune 500 firms. She has particular expertise in organization development, focusing on culture shaping and transformational leadership. As an elite executive coach, Kim is known for her work with founders, corporate executives, those preparing for succession opportunities, and those developing complex leadership capability. Kim is also a noted guest lecturer and speaker at doctoral and graduate business programs.

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